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8th CAVENAL Sustainable Cities Forum invited RGA

On October 8, RGA participated in the 8th Forum of Sustainable Cities with a presentation on its Potabilis Project: Sustainable Drinking Water for remote communities. This event, organized by the Venezuelan-German Chamber of Commerce, showed a marked trend towards innovative and proactive proposals for solving problems related to the adequate and continuous supply of drinking water and its sanitation.


At the 8th Forum of Sustainable Cities, the Potabilis Project obtained resounding support from the attendees with their positive comments regarding a Venezuelan technology proposal that proposes the generation of sustainable livelihoods through the use of reliable, low-cost distilled and potable water , and its possible community commercial uses to guarantee the financial feasibility of the implementation.

The CEO of RGA, Raúl González, in charge of the presentation, indicated that the focus of the proposal is centered on community empowerment, allowing and creating the conditions for the community itself to carry out all the necessary management of the plant, as well as its maintenance.

The Potabilis Plants solar watermaker in its different models 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 liters per day use very little energy, especially solar thermal, allowing its use in remote communities successfully. Part of the community training is to organize them so that self-management and the growth model is a success.

Eng. González took advantage of the occasion to announce the public launch of the Potabilis Foundation, with which the company’s CSR arm will be implemented, as well as managing community capacity building activities around the integrated management of water resources. , based on the precepts of the circular economy. You can see more by clicking here .

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