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Electrical Audit Workshop in the Oil Chamber

RGA successfully carried out its Comprehensive Electrical Audit Workshop at the Carabobo Chapter Oil Chamber (CAPETCAR) on June 17. This event, similar to its counterpart in Maracay, had the participation of 16 representatives of companies from the commercial and service sectors. Here, the considerations to be taken into account when developing or supervising an electrical audit were appreciated, discriminating between the possible scopes that the study may have and how to face them according to their level.

Practical exercises were dealt with in order to reinforce the knowledge acquired by analyzing each result, in such a way that the energy saving approach could be appreciated, and how small contributions can bring big savings.

The content of the workshop was as follows:

  • Basic Concepts: Energy, global and Venezuelan energy context, energy saving.
  • Electrical Audits: requirements, strengths, levels, quantitative analysis.
  • Complement with independent studies : lighting, air conditioning, pumping, electric motors.
  • Comprehensive energy audit: ISO 50001 and ISO 14064 (carbon footprint).
  • Identification of potential savings early in the industry.

In this workshop, emphasis was placed on the possibility of applying the carbon footprint through the implementation of the ISO 14064 Standard as an ideal mechanism for identifying potential savings that otherwise could not be appreciated.

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