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Energy Efficiency Conference for Polar Companies

The President of RGA, Raúl González Acuña, was invited by Empresas Polar as a specialist in Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energies within the framework of its V Annual Environmental Management Convention. This meeting was attended by a little over a hundred people from the Health, Safety and Environment Management of the different business branches of the Corporation.

With the presentation entitled “Alternative Energy in the context of Energy Efficiency” González Acuña addressed the central issue of the different requirements to be covered to make a transition framed in the technical-economic feasibility from fossil to renewable technologies. Likewise, the theoretical foundations of the different commercial green technologies were raised, and the impact that these investments may have in reducing the Corporation’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, how these investments can be leveraged within the framework of international emissions trading, and also detailed the regulatory frameworks on the matter: ISO 14064-1 and ISO 50001.

The presentation had the following content:

Global and Venezuelan Energy Context: Power generation, forms of generation and distribution, Generation Matrix, Consumption, Historical Regulations, Oil Production, Venezuela and Climate Change.

Energy Efficiency: Myths and Realities of Efficiency, efficiency at the source, efficiency in consumption, Eco-efficiency Indicators, Energy Planning.

Alternative energies: Alternative sources, forms of use and connection of solar energy, installed capacity, wind energy, form of connection and installed capacity, feasibility analysis.

Carbon Footprint: Carbon Market, Emission Reduction Project, ISO 14064-1, 14064-2, Green Bonds, Carbon Footprint Approaches, Carbon Footprint Strength.

With this conference on energy efficiency, RGA makes an important contribution to the Sustainability of the industrial sector in Venezuela and Latin America, once again demonstrating the innovative and cutting-edge nature of the company.

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