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Energy Outlook 2019 at VENAMCHAM

This October 8, the CEO of RGA presented the conference on “Venezuelan Energy Perspectives and Impact on the Industrial Sector” before the VENAMCHAM Chemical and Engineering Committee, where the current situation of the country was addressed in terms of:

  • Hydrocarbon production.
  • Domestic consumption of hydrocarbons.
  • Status of the electrical system.
  • Current legal regulations and their possible evolution.
  • Renewable energy potential of the country.
  • 2019 scenario in the Venezuelan business sector.
  • Investment recommendations 2019.

These 2019 energy perspectives were made at the internal request of the committee since the participants wanted to know in depth the projections for the new year, and what to do in the face of possible scenarios. At the same time, always contributing to the generation of knowledge, RGA presented at this conference its proposed map for the use of renewable energies, widely published in trade magazines such as Venezuelan Commodities.

This is the third time that RGA has participated as a speaker in this committee, being the first time as a member of the chamber, which denotes the degree of recognition that the company has within this union.

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