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Energy Saving Talk arrives in Caracas for the First Time

RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL was the invited company before the Chemistry and Engineering Committee of the Venezuelan American Chamber (VENAMCHAM) where the Energy Saving Talk was held, discussing the evolution of the regulations, in terms of energy saving, published after the Official Gazette 40166.

In this session, the members of the committee learned about the possible actions that must be taken at the managerial level to face the possible evolutions of the energy regulations, always starting from the premise that the feasibility of the decisions, both technical and technical, must be guaranteed. like financially.

“Of all the talks we have given, this was the most philosophical since the problem was addressed from a holistic perspective, much deeper than what the resolutions and daily tasks establish, which resulted in a very nutritious debate for all parties. ”.  Raul Gonzalez Acuna

The next Energy Saving Talk that RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL will dictate will be held at the Venezuelan-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CAVENIT) in the city of Caracas on November 19, and will be open to the public. To process your registration, contact the Chamber staff directly.   

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