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Entrepreneurship in times of Crisis the Conversatory

Within the framework of the 2019 World Entrepreneurship Week, the CEO of RGA Engineering International, Raúl González, gave a discussion on entrepreneurship in partnership with the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Simón Bolívar University (AJE-USB). For the second consecutive year, AJE and RGA join forces to bring to the university community the main considerations of entrepreneurship and business initiative, seen from a practical perspective. The event was held last Thursday 11/28 in the Conference Room of the Department of Geophysics of the Simón Bolívar University.


Under the title “Entrepreneurship in Times of Crisis”, the different strategies that entrepreneurs and intra-entrepreneurs (those who innovate under a dependency relationship) can follow to overcome the obstacles presented by economic crises, and the current situations of the economies, which are magnified in the Venezuelan context.

“When we started this conversation last year, the idea was to show students what had to happen for entrepreneurs to become businessmen. This year we decided to land it more towards the beginning of the venture, the bases themselves, about what must be done to avoid faltering at that beginning when having an idea of ​​​​entrepreneurship, in an environment as complex as the current Venezuelan. For this reason, we placed a lot of emphasis on innovation entrepreneurship, what are the financing phases, where to look for that long-awaited investor, what to do to be accepted, how to deal with suppliers, who are your clients, etc.” Raul Gonzalez Acuna


The intention of the organizers is to promote entrepreneurship, that wave of developments that is taking place in Venezuela right now, even in the face of extreme adverse circumstances. Showing a grounded perspective on how to evaluate your business idea, we seek to help entrepreneurs not fall for scams, and have an easy adaptability to the different circumstances that arise in their particular environment.

If you want to download the presentation click here .

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