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Entrepreneurship Workshop

On November 21, the CEO of RGA gave the Entrepreneurship Workshop called “From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur” in an event organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Simón Bolívar University (AJE-USB), as part of the World Entrepreneurship Week to a group of 30 students and young professionals who met in the Horowitz Room of the Central Library of the USB.

With this conference, which is part of RGA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, González Acuña showed the actions to be covered in order to have a successful venture, following the recipe embodied in his 2013 post (see more ) . Additionally, he spoke about what to do when the venture already acquires the formality of an established company, and how to face the vision changes related to that stage, especially in a country situation like the one Venezuela is currently experiencing. Finally, he spoke about how to assume the international operation of organizations without major setbacks.


You can watch the conference at the following link .

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