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First Electrical Audit Workshop at the CIEA

RGA dictated with resounding success on 05/21/2014 the First Comprehensive Electrical Audit Workshop under the auspices of the Aragua State Chamber of Industrialists (CIEA). This eight-hour event was attended by 19 participants from renowned companies such as MANPA, Central el Palmar, Moore de Venezuela, Pfizer, Lincoln Soldaduras de Venezuela, among others, who learned the main considerations to take into account when developing or supervising an electrical audit.

Additionally, the participants faced practical exercises that reflect the main challenges when evaluating an electrical system, the thermal load of a facility, and fuel savings due to changes in the operating conditions of steam generating equipment. Each exercise was discussed and analyzed, in such a way that the participant appreciated the ranges and orders of physical magnitude of the values ​​obtained.

The content of the workshop was as follows:

  1. Basic Concepts: Energy, global and Venezuelan energy context, energy saving.
  2. Electrical Audits: requirements, strengths, levels, quantitative analysis.
  3. Complement with independent studies: lighting, air conditioning, pumping.
  4. Comprehensive energy audit: ISO 50001 and ISO 14064 (carbon footprint).
  5. Identification of potential savings early in the industry.

In short, the workshop aimed at the understanding of the energy saving regulations issued by the Venezuelan State with the implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management system, also including the perfect tool for the identification of global savings potential of the organization as it is the calculation of the Carbon Footprint.

If you want to see some of the presentations given by us, go here .

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