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First Talk on Official Gazette 40166

The Petroleum Chamber, Carabobo chapter, was the venue for the first talk given by RGA INGENIERÍA on the application of regulations on energy saving, which CORPOELEC is implementing based on what is established in the Official Gazette 40166. At this meeting , representatives of companies of various sizes and productive activities attended, and a favorable environment was created for debate and consultation on the possible actions to be taken in order to effectively comply with the government directive.

“The great challenge is to assume regulation from the perspective of energy efficiency, with the intention of investing knowing the feasibility of the solution, in such a way that the reduction in consumption is sustained. This will reduce operating costs in the medium term, as long as decisions are made with technical criteria .” Raúl González Acuña

The attendance at this event exceeded the originally scheduled capacity and the event had to be extended for an additional day, which meant being able to serve a total of 21 companies as large as CVG ALCASA, VENOCO, PROPERCA, Avícola la Guásima, up to medium-sized companies. commercial branch such as H Motores.

Many of the doubts of the attendees were whether the resolution included them or not, what were the different alternatives to consider in the case of self-generation, and what operational techniques to adopt to reduce consumption in a sustained manner.

The meeting is now in Maracay on September 11 at the Chamber of Industrialists of the Aragua State where the new evolution of the energy saving resolution will be discussed. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

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