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GES 2019 with a strong presence of Venezuelans

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit, or GES 2019 as it is colloquially referred to, is one of the most important entrepreneurship meetings in the world with the attendance of 2,000 people, including entrepreneurs and investors, from 130 nations. In its ninth edition, GES 2019 was held in The Hague-Holland from June 3 to 5, and was an event organized jointly between the United States Department of State and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

With the motto The Future Now #TheFutureNow at GES 2019, 5 neuralgic issues for humanity were discussed: energy, water, connectivity, agriculture and health, where Venezuelans have various proposals, among which it is worth highlighting that of the CEO of RGA Engineering International Raúl González, a seawater and polluted water treatment plant that uses solar energy and is designed to meet the needs of remote communities.


Approximately 37 million people live in Latin America in areas with scarcity of water resources, and there is an important need in all the Caribbean islands to obtain drinking water that allows them to sustain their tourist operations economically, their main source of income.

This plant, called Potabilis 5 , operates with solar thermal energy and has a design capacity of 5,000 liters per day, enough to cover all the water requirements of 50 people – or 10 average families – which include not only liquid intake but also cooking food, washing, cleaning, among others. Because it is considered for remote communities, the system is easy to operate, low maintenance, energy consumption, and requires technical expertise. In turn, it uses the least amount of instrumentation and control possible, so that the community can empower themselves with the technology after a brief training ,thus managing to undertake rigorous maintenance in a sustainable way that allows an operation of more than 25 years, with operating costs equivalent to 1/3 of those associated with conventional technology (reverse osmosis). The following videos present the interview conducted by Vladimir Villegas with our CEO in his Vladimir a la 1 program, where the diversity of options and attributes of our technology are exposed.

In turn, the assistant secretary for educational and cultural affairs of the United States Department of State, Marie Royce, was very interested in the Venezuelan proposals towards the world, in the framework of a conference full of innovative and disruptive solutions to many of the problems humanity has.


To see more of the event and its various presentations, click here

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