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Happy seventh birthday RGA

In its seventh birthday, RGA maintains its positive vision for the growth of the country and the region. Developing its potabilization technology for polluted and sea water, using solar thermal energy, it will provide remote communities with the tools to develop their eco-tourism potential, and agriculture/livestock in areas with low water availability, no matter where. in the region are located since it does not require large capital investments or high operating costs. At the same time, maintenance is simple and does not require specialized personnel to carry it out.

In the period April 2018-April 2019, RGA worked a total of 4,600 man hours, both at the engineering level and construction time. The most important projects developed were the following:

  • Design and execution of a portable industrial dust extractor.
  • Execution of sugar extraction system and air conditioning clean room (cleanroom).
  • Design and installation of a remote start station in an explosive area (explosion proof).

To see the list of projects reported in the 2018-2019 period, click here.

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