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Man’s Vision of the Environment

Man is, by far, responsible for the environment in which he lives. He has changed the physical world to minimize its adverse properties and thereby maximize the positive aspects that allow him to adapt to modern life.

The interaction that some cultures have developed with the environment, throughout different stages of history, has impacted nature. The vision of dominance and superiority over the environment has made man underestimate the value of natural resources, believing that they have an infinite capacity, that they can be used indiscriminately and that they will always be there to sustain life on the planet. This perception has led man to place himself under an anthropocentric conception, in which the environment is considered as something outside of himself and that can be used regardless of the future. Today, under the vision of a different paradigm (integrative, systemic), it is being understood that the position of feeling that we are owners of nature is relative.

It must be considered that environmental problems occur at different levels, from the global scale of large cities and towns, to the most immediate environments: home, school, factories. It is necessary that from all areas, options are addressed to generate different solutions, which lead to a reflection on the value that is given to attitudes and habits such as consumption, the use of water, land, economic systems of production etc All this with an eye on the future towards the search and construction of sustainable societies in harmony with the environment. New values, knowledge and skills are needed at all levels and for all elements of society in order to preserve the most tangible of our reality, the environment and nature.

One way to reduce the impact on nature is to recycle part of what is used: paper, plastic, glass, organic waste and cardboard. Recycling is very easy, it can be done at the school, professional, residential level, whether at school, university, industry or commerce. If the paper that is discarded daily is collected in boxes specially dedicated for that purpose, and coordinated with NGOs or companies in the industry, the transfer and final disposal process can be facilitated. With a small contribution, much is done for the environment, saving large amounts of water and energy. Collaboration with the environment is a collaboration with ourselves and our quality of life.

As a closing of this publication, we consider it pertinent to present the Steve Cutts video called “Man” which exemplifies what has been the passage of the human being on the planet and the destiny we will have if we continue with this pattern of behavior.


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