RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  INALSA
  • H/H Inverted:  8
  • Location:  Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
RGA started its new business line of preventive and corrective electromechanical maintenance  with the corrective maintenance service for the chiller used to cool the ovens at the INALSA pasta plant. This Climaveneta brand chiller, with 2 refrigeration circuits using a screw compressor, found one of them paralyzed due to different sensor errors. The corrective maintenance of the chiller began with the integral diagnosis of the equipment, whose activities are detailed below:
  • Equipment visual inspection. Appreciation of failure report when turning on.
  • Compressor oil level sensor replacement.
  • Correct connection of the compressor head sensor cable in the corresponding terminal block.
  • Compressor suction (low) and discharge (high) pressure level measurement 
  • Evacuation of refrigerant gas for its weighing and charge verification with respect to the manufacturer’s table 
  • Carrying out thermistor tests.
  • Expansion valve replacement.
  • Replacement of “stone” filters in circuit 1. The existing filters were in good condition.
  • Refrigerant charge, system start-up.
  • Cleaning of compressor and intervened area.
  • Development of preventive maintenance plan and delivery of activities report.
The equipment was started and to date there has been no failure. Once again, RGA offers a specialized quality service to the national and international industry with speed and efficiency.
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