RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  CA Venezolana de Pinturas
  • Inverted H/H:  60
  • Location:  Valencia, Venezuela.
As part of the service provided by RGA, during the construction of the CAVP Research and Development Laboratory Extraction System ( see more ), the extraction system that serves the building was commissioned, consisting of 3 extraction lines (Batch, oven and cabin) and the fresh air injection line. Based on the provisions of the COVENIN 2250:2000 standard, the following parameters were measured in the 4 fans:
  • Air flow and speed.
  • Air stream temperature.
  • Static pressure on the suction and discharge side of the extractor.
  • Extractor download speed.
  • Power consumption and voltage levels.
Additionally, the air distribution in all the ductwork of the different areas was characterized, and the on-site test (flow vs. static pressure) of the extractor that serves the Batch area was carried out, as it is the most critical. It was verified during the start-up of the extraction system that the flow rate reported in the measurement coincided with that required during the design phase by RGA, demonstrating once again the quality of the work, both at the engineering and execution level, of the company. .
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