RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Central El Palmar, SA
  • Inverted H/H:  2575*
  • Location:  San Mateo, Venezuela.

RGA developed the project for the coordination of electrical protections and short circuit levels at Central El Palmar, a sugar mill with an Installed Capacity of 30 MVA , operating under an IPP scheme (of 10 MW of generation capacity between steam and gas turbines), in order to determine the necessary infrastructure improvements for a correct performance of the electrical distribution system, thus reducing unscheduled plant shutdowns and the loss of profit caused by them.

The activities developed were the following:

  1. Facility load census.
  2. Inspection of the different electrical equipment and substations, cabinets, CCM and boards to determine the degree of compliance with the National Electrical Code (CEN) and NFPA.
  3. Lifting of protections.
  4. Update of the one-line diagrams.
  5. Proposal for general improvements.
  6. Carrying out pre-coordination of protections and definition of those “Not coordinable”.
  7. ETAP simulation for load flow, short circuit levels and protection coordination.

*Due to country situation issues, the project was suspended until the load flow of the installation was completed.

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