RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Alfonzo Rivas & Cia / Corn Industries
  • Academic Hours:  8
  • Location: Turmero, Venezuela

RGA was invited to give an in-company technical course to the personnel of Alfonzo Rivas & Cia, and Industrias del Maíz related to the latest Energy Saving Regulations that the Venezuelan Executive is adopting.

The presentation was called “State Regulations in the Framework of an Energy Crisis” in order to evaluate the possible spaces for action that the current legislation allows the industrialist to act, this in the framework of an electrical crisis in which the industrial sector it is always one of the most affected, therefore it is required to self-generate a significant amount of its consumption, with the high costs that this entails.

The presentation had the following content:

  1. Energy and Current Energy Context: Power generation, forms of generation and distribution, Generation Matrix, Consumption, Historical Hydroelectric Level, Historical Regulations.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Myths and Realities of Efficiency, efficiency at the source, efficiency in consumption, Eco-efficiency Indicators, Energy Planning.
  3. Energy Efficiency and Saving Plans: How to develop energy saving plans according to the requirements of UREE, points of interest.
  4. Early Energy Saving Potentials: Focus points of attention for air conditioning loads, pumping, lighting, offices, etc.

RGA continues to provide specialized services to the industry in terms of energy saving, increasingly becoming the example of Energy Efficiency in Industry.

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