RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  CA Venezolana de Pinturas
  • Inverted H/H:  4780
  • Location:  Valencia, Venezuela.
RGA was awarded the tender for the Design and Construction of a Forced Extraction System for the Research and Development Laboratory of Venezolana de Pinturas, given its excellent technical-economic offer and service guarantee. To do this, he proposed a design that included 3 extraction lines that served the Batch, Furnace and Paint Booth areas, and a fresh air injection line for solvent discharges outside the pollutant collection space in the cleaning room. Warehouse and Batch. Based on his extensive engineering portfolio, he proposed a design at the basic engineering level in both the mechanical and electrical systems, developing the following activities:
  1. Design of 3 extraction systems: sizing of extractors.
  2. Design of 1 injection system.
  3. Electrical connection design for classified dangerous area , including: protections, pushbuttons, fire-stop valves, etc.
  4. Procurement and installation of extractors with non-sparking rotor .
  5. Procurement, workshop manufacturing and installation of ductwork, according to planimetry requirements, in galvanized steel sheets for the Batch, Furnace, Booth and Injection lines.
  6. Procurement and installation of power and control electrical connection, including protections and anti-explosive systems.
  7. Manufacture of paint booth in galvanized steel based on planimetry requirements.
  8. Installation of frequency inverter for the paint booth extractor.
  9. Grounding of the extraction system to the Laboratory structure.
  10. Design and construction of contaminant intake outlets and dampers for the Batch area.
  11. Commissioning of the extraction system ( see more ).
This project, appreciable from the highway at the height of the San Diego interchange, is proof of the effort and perseverance of the RGA team, where there is no small challenge and quality is always ahead of all obstacles. To see more of the area, we invite you to review the following videos from the RGA YouTube channel:
This is a staging enviroment