RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Carabobensis Foundation/Cocacola-FEMSA
  • Academic Hours:  24
  • Location:  Valencia, Venezuela.

Fundación Carabobensis invited RGA to participate as a facilitator in the Environmental Management Diploma for COCACOLA – FEMSA, in an event held at the company’s facilities in the city of Valencia.

As RGA is a specialist in the subject of climate change and energy efficiency, the content taught was as follows:

  1. Current Context of Global Warming and Climate Change.
  2. International agreements on climate change, position of Venezuela.
  3. Organizational techniques for eco-efficiency.
  4. Organizational carbon footprint.
  5. Development of corporate inventories of greenhouse gases, applying the ISO 14064 standard.
  6. Approach to Emissions Monitoring Management Systems.
  7. Techniques for planning energy audits. ISO 50002 standard.
  8. Review of scope of energy audits.
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