RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Lincoln Soldaduras de Venezuela, CA
  • Inverted H/H:  1212
  • Location:  Maracay, Venezuela.
RGA was hired to carry out the design of the dust extraction system, going through the technical evaluation of the existing system and the redesign at the basic engineering level, in order to reduce the concentration of dust in the workstations of the extrusion areas. and hoppers, allowing in turn an increase in the efficiency of particulate recovery to reintroduce it into the production process, reducing the purchase costs of raw material. The activities developed were the following:
  1. Meeting with the maintenance coordination and prevention delegates of the company to define the current situation and determine the basic conception of the required system.
  2. Taking measurements in the field: air velocity, static pressure in the admission (vacuum), and current consumption of the existing extraction systems in hoppers and extrusion, in order to determine the operating point of the installed equipment.
  3. Collection and analysis of the information of the productive process: production reports, granulometry tests, mixture composition, original planimetry of the hopper and extrusion areas, as well as the construction details of the existing dust collector equipment.
  4. Design of the dust extraction system for the extrusion and hopper areas, including the recovery mechanism.
  5. Design of power and control electrical connection, as well as ladder control diagram with the modes of operation of the system.
  6. Economic evaluation of technical proposals.
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