RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  GCP Applied Technologies
  • Inverted H/H:  240
  • Location:  Valencia, Venezuela.
RGA carried out the electrical installation in explosive areas for the placement of an emergency start and stop station that would serve the aluminized tank of the Lacas Plant. The purpose of the service was to remotely carry out, as close as possible to the agitator, the start of the operation so that the operator would not have to separate himself visually from the process during start-up. An electrical installation in explosive areas (classified areas) depends on the type of flammable product handled in it, which can range from vapors to dust and particles. In this case, it was a division 1 type area (flammable organic vapors), for which it is required that all devices and accessories be of the explosion proof  type and that heavy series rigid pipe be used. In turn, in accordance with local and international regulations, fire seals must be placed near the spark generation points, as well as at the exit of the classified space, these being filled with chicco cotton and cement. It should be noted that the sealing must be done last because once the cement is placed, modifications to the system can no longer be made. Specifically, the work consisted of the following activities:
  • Placement of start/stop station and emergency stop.
  • Installation of heavy series rigid conduit pipe, with explosion proof accessories and fire seals.
  • Intermediate pipe installation (IMC) for outdoor areas, using an existing pipe rack at a height of 6 meters.
  • Wiring and connection in frequency inverter.
  • Frequency inverter programming and commissioning.
This is a staging enviroment