RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Empresas PMC, SA
  • Inverted H/H:  1355
  • Location:  Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
RGA was hired for the design, at the basic engineering level, of the dust extraction and air conditioning systems for the packaging area of ​​Montalar de Venezuela SA, a subsidiary of Empresas PMC, in order to properly manage the light particulate sweetener discharged during the operation of the machinery, allowing in this way to maintain the food safety conditions required in the enclosure. The RGA design took into account the requirements of each of the environments, as well as the standards and good practices in the management of air conditioning for innocuous spaces. The activities carried out were the following:
  • Survey of the area in relation to: location of equipment, machinery, list of motors, lighting, and other important parameters.
  • Interviews with the personnel in charge of the facility to find out the points of interest for particulate capture, and the approximate amount of pollutant generation.
  • Visual inspection of the perimeter areas of the house to define the location of the dust collector/extractor assembly.
  • Design of dust extraction systems, according to each area and equipment found.
  • Construction design of the dust scrubber.
  • Design of the air conditioning system at a conceptual level, adapting to the existing infrastructure.
  • Air flow sizing for space pressurization, and filtration equipment.
  • Development of proposals to adapt the infrastructure to what is recommended by good practices in the area.
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