RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  DIGITEL Corporation
  • Inverted H/H:  219
  • Location: Miranda, Venezuela

RGA carried out the design and execution of a forced ventilation system in three DIGITEL transmission stations (Caracas, El Guapo, Panapo), as part of a pilot project focused on the replacement of A/C units installed for the minimization operating costs, and maintenance of the corporation.

For this, RGA developed the engineering of the forced ventilation system, selecting extraction (depression ventilation) as the best option to guarantee the complete movement of air through the enclosure. Additionally, he designed the anchoring system, filtration, as well as its manufacturing process, and installation to be implemented during the execution of the work, to minimize the time spent in the stations. The work included the corresponding start-up of the system and the monitoring of its operation.

Results obtained

  • Energy savings of 97% in transmission stations intervened with forced ventilation .
  • Reduced O&M costs by 95% .
  • Reuse of A/A units, and components in good condition. Sale of units to third parties.
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