RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  GCP Applied Technologies
  • Inverted H/H:  131
  • Location:  Valencia, Venezuela.
RGA carried out the installation of the explosive vapor extraction system of the Lacas Plant. The purpose of the service is to expand the existing explosive vapor extraction system, so as to be able to incorporate another filter battery and globally improve working conditions in the area. This work was carried out in the same classified area -division 1 (flammable organic vapors)- of the Electrical Installation in Explosive Area  project , for which reason the ductwork used was of a larger caliber, special attention was paid to the flanged and welded joints. Specifically, the work consisted of the following items:
  • Design, manufacture and installation of catchment plenum.
  • Damper system maintenance available on site.
  • Installation of piping system and accessories made of 20 gauge black iron, including fixing system.
  • Commissioning and training of area personnel.
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