RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  GCP Technologies Venezuela, SA
  • Inverted H/H:  430
  • Location:  Valencia, Venezuela.

RGA was required to carry out an Energy Audit of GCP Tecnologías Venezuela SA, a subsidiary of GCP Applied Technologies in the country, in order to develop a structured and specialized energy saving plan, based on the foundations of the law but feasible over time. .

Based on RGA’s expertise in the matter, an advanced level I audit was proposed in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 50002:2014 standard , limiting its scope to the electricity consumption of the plant. Among the activities carried out are:

  1. Cargo census survey.
  2. Estimation of the energy consumption of the installation based on the information provided by the Processes department, considering the load factors and typical efficiencies of the IEC 60034-1 standard.
  3. Determination of focal points of energy interest, according to power and consumption, by plant area and type of energy use.
  4. Record of load for seven continuous days using the FLUKE brand equipment, model PowerLogger 1735, on the main low voltage board of Construction.
  5. Review of the level of compliance with government regulations and billing for 24 months.
  6. Development of energy indicators, baseline and plant energy saving potential.

Results obtained

  • Approach of short-term saving measures, for 27% of current consumption , in motors, air compression, and lighting .
  • Maximum global savings achievable estimated  57% .
  • Approach of cost-effective alternatives to LED luminaires for lighting control, especially during non-working days. Approximate savings 80% .
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