RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Polar Commercial Foods
  • Inverted H/H:  1180
  • Location:  Mariguitar, Venezuela.

Alimentos Polar Comercial asked RGA to carry out a level II electrical audit at the Canned Plant (Marigüitar, Sucre state, Venezuela), in order to determine the main potential for energy savings present in the facility, in order to positively influence the indicators of electricity consumption carried by the corporation. The activities carried out were the following:

  1. Development of APC load census – Marigüitar Plant.
  2. Determination by means of the Pareto principle of the most important loads, location and type of service.
  3. Visual inspection and data collection of the electrical installations (boards, protections and equipment) of the Production and Services Areas: Refrigerated Cellar, White Water Treatment Plant (PTAB) and the Residual Water Treatment Plant (PTAR); as well as the so-called Perimeter Areas.
  4. Record of load for seven continuous days using the FLUKE brand equipment , model PowerLogger 1735  in: Main Substation, Service Substation, Refrigerator and PTAB.
  5. Development of single-line electrical diagram of APC-Marigüitar Plant.

Results obtained

  • It was determined that the refrigeration system of the Cellars was the cause of the increase in the indicator due to lack of regulation under partial operation .
  • Development of energy saving proposals by plant area and energy use. Approximate estimate of global savings achievable 30%.
  • Survey of non-conformity points for annual investment plan .
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