RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Hotel Meliá Recreo La Castellana – NSM Group
  • Inverted H/H:  812
  • Location: Caracas, Venezuela.

Based on the excellent performance demonstrated by RGA in the manufacture of the Stainless Steel Frames for the Fire Fighting System Cabinets ( Click ), it was awarded the good pro for the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Laundry Downspout project in Fiberglass of the important Hotel Meliá Recreo La Castellana under construction.

The aforementioned downspout, 75 meters long , was developed entirely in fiberglass, its main advantage being the impossibility of generating sharp points that tear the sheets, and other belongings, once they are sent to the laundry room. Additionally, its low weight makes its installation and transport process very simple; However, since it is not a conventional system in the national market, RGA had to develop each of the components to be used from anchors, connections and unions, showing off its specialized team in analysis of composite elements, to predict the behavior of each part by 3D modeling.

RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL thus consolidates itself as a reliable engineering service provider, capable of satisfactorily developing projects of various kinds, regardless of the existing complexity.

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