RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Polifilm de Venezuela, SA
  • Inverted H/H:  32
  • Location:  La Victoria, Venezuela.
RGA, as a specialist in the monitoring of forced extraction systems, was required to evaluate the performance of the organic vapor (solvent) and particulate extraction lines that serve two of its assembly lines, given that they had been  presented inconveniences in terms of occupational safety, and quality of the finished product. The monitoring service provided by RGA included the review of the entire extraction system, and the technical evaluation of the extractor, which consists of joint monitoring of the following parameters, in accordance with the provisions of the COVENIN 2250:2000 standard:
  • Air flow and speed.
  • Air stream temperature.
  • Static pressure on the suction and discharge side of the extractor.
  • Extractor download speed.
  • Power consumption and voltage levels.
Likewise, on the pollutant generation side, the following parameters were monitored:
  • Capture speed in bells.
  • Static pressure in hoods.
  • Flow.
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