RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Alimentos Valles de Aragua CA / Montalar de Venezuela SA
  • Inverted H/H:  75
  • Location:  Maracay/Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

What to do when you need to extract dust quickly and at low cost?

Perhaps while a permanent work is being developed but the contaminant needs to be controlled quickly because it affects personnel and the surrounding equipment, or there is simply a point of contaminant generation that needs to be controlled but without investing in large facilities, ducts, filters, extractors, with power and control electrical connections.

RGA developed a portable industrial vacuum cleaner for all types of applications, which can be perfectly located anywhere in the plant, and by means of a flexible hose or PVC pipe, extract any type of particulate (including the flammable type) simply by adjusting the type of filter used.

The equipment employs a self-cleaning, low-maintenance radial blade extractor capable of handling any type of hygroscopic (sticky) particulate with a capacity of 800 SCFM, using a 110V/220V single-phase motor that can be plugged into any electrical outlet, such as a vacuum cleaner. domestic.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner Video – Youtube

Among the benefits of the equipment are:

  • As the motor is out of contact with the product, it can be used to handle flammable material.
  • By connecting with a flexible hose and having wheels, it can be taken to the points of interest of the plant/business, without infrastructure adjustments.
  • Its components are completely removable and washable.
  • Allows the connection of up to 6 extraction points.
  • It has 2 washable filters, adjustable according to the application.
  • It does not require dedicated electrical connections, it can be connected to a 110V or 220V outlet.
  • Low noise levels.
This is a staging enviroment