RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Montalar de Venezuela SA
  • H/H Inverted:  1350
  • Location:  Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
RGA was awarded with the execution of the electromechanical work of the sugar extraction system, based on the excellent result of its encapsulation area engineering project ( see more ). The scope of this work included all the required components: pipelines, power and control electrical installations, mechanical equipment, and filtration system. In a timely manner, the following games were made:
  • Manufacture and installation (F/I) of galvanized steel ductwork, gauges 24 and 22.
  • F/I of intake nozzles: 5 slit type with multiple flanges, 7 simple slits for manual placement and 2 bells.
  • F/I of dust scrubber with cartridges for air filtration.
  • Installation of radial blade extractor (Series 300).
  • Installation of electrical power connection.
  • Installation and programming of start control and filter cleaning.
  • F/I compressed air lung, including solenoid valves.
  • Compressed air connection installation, including air humidity filter.
  • Commissioning of the system and calibration of extraction in nozzles.
The following video shows the detail of the operation of the extraction system installed inside the packaging capsule. It should be noted that this work was carried out by RGA in parallel with that of the air conditioning system so that the packaging area could be considered a clean room or “cleanroom” ( see more ).
This is a staging enviroment