RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  Polifilm de Venezuela, SA
  • Inverted H/H:  236
  • Location:  La Victoria, Venezuela.
RGA designed, dimensioned and installed the wind extraction system in storage sheds of Polifilm de Venezuela, with the intention of improving the thermal environment of the area, based on the provisions of the COVENIN 2250:2000 standard. A total of 54 extractors of 24 inches in diameter were installed in 2 sheds of the plant , covering an approximate area of ​​2000 m2, obtaining improvements practically immediately after they were put into operation. The work can be seen from the Autopista Regional del Centro , at the height of Victoria in the Caracas-Valencia direction, with a perpetual movement 24 hours a day. It is important to highlight that this equipment works without electricity consumption, requires minimal maintenance and increases the amount of lighting that enters the installation, being its application with the greatest impact in closed spaces, where the hot air produced by daily operation does not can go out
This is a staging enviroment