RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client: SERCOINFAL
  • Inverted H/H: 32
  • Location: Valencia, Venezuela.

RGA was hired to carry out the adaptation of the integral ventilation system of the storage shed. Originally, the system proposed by the client considered the use of motorized systems, but after inspection of the site it was seen that it was advisable, and more economical, to implement wind extractors for ventilation, instead of mechanical equipment.

In the RGA design, the wind extractors for ventilation substantially increased the flow rate of fresh air displacement well above what was originally considered, at a fraction of less than 30% of the anticipated cost, by saving electrical connection items, structural reinforcement, protections, control, among others. The equipment used was 30″ diameter extractors, opening lateral ventilation blocks, which considerably improved the thermal sensation practically from the moment of its installation.

It should be noted that the installations of wind extractors for ventilation must enter into the so-called “modification of the thermal inertia of the building” for which it takes between 24-72 hours from the start-up of the complete system to fully appreciate the improvements in the space. If you want to see more of this type of installations, click here .

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