RGA Engineering y Projects

  • Client:  ICM Projects 2001, CA
  • Inverted H/H:  1835
  • Location:  Puerto Píritu, Venezuela.
Based on the quality shown by RGA during the WWTP project , it was contracted for the development of the detailed engineering of the Pumping Station that would feed the exchanger cleaning area and water for human consumption, evaluating the possibility of supplying the rest of the buildings in case of emergency. The activities carried out were the following:
  1. Based on the demand histogram developed for the WWTP project, determine the maximum and minimum flow rates of process water to be supplied, and select the option with the greatest technical-economic feasibility to supply water for human consumption (including water for irrigation). and the rest of the complex in case of an emergency.
  2. Routing of process pipes for reuse of gray water.
  3. Sizing of the process pumping system by variable speed, including a 12,000-liter tank for storage of treated water.
  4. Civil design: foundations, structure, rain discharges, roofing. Due to space considerations, it was decided to install the pump house on the 100 thousand liter tank.
  5. Mechanical installations: hydropneumatic system for human consumption and routing of white water pipes.
  6. Electrical installations: CCM sizing, bench design, grounding system, lighting study, power panels, and power and lighting conduits.
  7. Control system: process control development, system start/stop criteria, ladder control diagram design, channeling and control boards. Considerations with the operation of the WWTP.
  8. Development of planimetry of all disciplines.
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