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Potabilis Foundation, Drinking water project for vulnerable communities

In order to institutionalize its CSR work, RGA formed the Potabilis Foundation on October 4 in the city of Valencia. Based on the flagship name of its solar water purification plant, this NGO was created with the intention of strengthening community capacities to promote the responsible use and integrated management of water resources in Venezuela, as well as to collaborate in the mechanisms that allow deliver safe and reliable drinking water to remote and vulnerable areas of the country. He is currently a member of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Venezuela section

The Potabilis Foundation sees itself as an organization with a scientific/technical inclination framed within SDG#6. This focuses on the community empowerment of innovative technologies that use mainly renewable energy to supply drinking water. In turn, it seeks to provide mechanisms for local economic development and the generation of sustainable livelihoods, around a reliable water resource and circular economy precepts.

The mission of the Potabilis Foundation is to promote the community empowerment of sustainable and affordable technologies that make water drinkable regardless of its origin, promoting the economic and social development of remote and vulnerable areas.

The Board of Directors is made up of prominent members of the business, academic, and scientific life of Venezuela, being directed by the CEO of RGA, Eng. Raúl González, who made the public launch on October 8 at the 8th Forum of Sustainable Cities of the CAVENAL. You can see more by clicking here .

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