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RGA arrived at its First Anniversary

This April RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL reached its first anniversary. A year that was marked by professional and business growth, where various goals were achieved and challenges were assumed that strengthened alliances with our suppliers.

In this first year, the market responded satisfactorily to our service offer and allowed us to diversify the client portfolio, serving companies in the consulting, manufacturing, food, solid waste disposal and various SMEs. The solution to the requirements of the clientele in an effective and accurate way has meant our recidivism within the companies, which confirms that things were done with mystique, ethics and quality at competitive prices. The details of the projects can be seen in the following link .

For the second year of operations we have made structural adjustments, which together with the expansion of our service offer, will allow us to serve a broader market efficiently.

We are RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL, synonymous with Industrial Energy Efficiency

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