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RGA celebrates 5 years strengthening the industrial sector

This April, RGA celebrates 5 years of operations in Venezuela directing its strategy to strengthen the industrial sector of the country, and the region, through the development and execution of engineering projects in the areas of energy efficiency, industrial ventilation and system monitoring. industrial.

The most important projects developed were the following:

  • Advanced Level I Energy Audit to GCP Tecnologías Venezuela.
  • Execution of the natural extraction system of storage sheds of Polifilm de Venezuela.
  • Monitoring of ventilation systems of production lines of Polifilm de Venezuela.
  • Design of particulate extraction and pneumatic transport system for Lincoln Soldaduras de Venezuela.

Additionally, the company carried out a whole process of internal restructuring focused on the relaunch of its services, refreshing its corporate image, website, and development of its procedural management system, with which it could enter a highly highly regarded international market. competitive.

The detailed list of projects can be seen by clicking here.

At the union level, RGA joined the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VENAMCHAM), actively participating in the Chemistry and Engineering Committee, where Raúl González Acuña is its VP, and in the Central Region Committee.

“If you are going through a bad time, move on” – Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England.

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