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RGA Energy and Carbon Footprint Workshops

In the September-December quarter, RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL participated in five Energy Workshops aimed at increasing the knowledge of industrialists and individuals in the areas of: renewable energy, eco-efficiency, carbon footprint, electrical audit and Greenhouse Gas emissions. These workshops were framed in events of international and national significance such as the II International Wind Energy Industrial Exhibition, the Citizenship and Climate Change Project, the IV Polar Food Environmental Management Seminar, etc.

Low Power Wind Turbine Design Workshop:

Within the framework of the II International Industrial Wind Energy Exhibition, held at the Simón Bolívar University – Caracas, Venezuela between October 21 and 24, 2014, a short workshop of 4 academic hours entitled “Design of Low Power Wind Turbines” was given . in which the assistant staff, made up of young professionals and students in their last year of engineering, were trained in the basic concepts for the sizing of devices that take advantage of wind energy focused on covering small demands. Additionally, the latest construction techniques related to the matter and the evolution of this equipment over time were appreciated.

Workshop on Corporate Inventories of Greenhouse Gases:

As part of the Citizenship and Climate Change Project promoted by the Tierra Viva Foundation under the auspices of the British Embassy, ​​and the institutional support of the Municipal Institute of the Environment of the Mayor’s Office of Valencia, the Chamber of Industrialists of the Carabobo State, Shell of Venezuela and RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL, an 8-hour course was given to representatives of the environmental area of ​​various companies and NGOs that live in the central region of Venezuela, among which were: Alimentos Polar, Industrias Venoco, Venezolana de Pinturas, Chrysler, Laboratios Elmor, Clariant de Venezuela, Fundación Tierra Viva, Recicla Naguanagua, University of Carabobo, etc.

The course called “Inventory of Emissions in Organizations and Corporations, Experiences and Opportunities” , held on 10/28/2014, was focused on laying the foundations for the development of Carbon Footprints in organizations based on the provisions of the ISO standard 14064-1, delving into the different considerations to take into account when drawing up such inventories, such as the organizational and operational limit to be used, emissions according to the scope, how to monitor inventories over time, and develop projects of reduction of emissions, as well as translating them according to the requirements of ISO 14064-2.

Eco-efficiency Indicators Operational Criteria Workshop:

RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL participated as a speaker at the IV Seminar on Environmental Management of Alimentos Polar, on 11/7/2014, lecturing on the different operational criteria that can positively impact the management of Eco-efficiency indicators, as well as the approach of strategies aimed at to know the consumption of the plants that make up the corporation. 

Electrical Audit Workshop:

The Electrical Audit Workshop, carried out by RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL, in alliance with the main business and industrial chambers of the central region of Venezuela in this, its third edition, was held on 11/18 and 20/2014 at the facilities of the Oil Chamber Carabobo Chapter and had an important attendance that forced to open a second date of the activity.

The focus of this theoretical-practical course was aimed at managing the entire compass that involves carrying out a successful electrical audit so that decision makers know what they should expect from their contractors, in such a way that proposals for saving measures are achieved. feasible and monitorable over time. Additionally, the differences between the types of inspections and technical advice that CORPOELEC carries out to industrial users were raised in such a way that they could foresee the type of activities that must be carried out to satisfactorily achieve the energy saving goals required by current legislation. .

This course can be adapted for the recording and analysis of the main industrial variables, taking place in company , at the client’s facilities. In addition to the above, it would explain how the records should be set up so that the parameters of interest can be correctly obtained.

ASOVAC Forum: Venezuela in the Latin American Environmental Concert

Raúl González Acuña, as Director of RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL and coordinator of the first Corporate Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Industrial sector of Venezuela, was invited to participate in the ASOVAC Forum called “Venezuela in the Latin American Environmental Concert” held at the Central University of Venezuela on 11/21/2014 with a presentation entitled “GHG Emissions in the Industrial Environment” .

In this presentation it was possible to appreciate how the main indicators of Venezuela in terms of Climate Change are: per capita emissions, global emissions, NOx control, HCFC, CFC, among others, with respect to representative countries of the region such as Chile, Brazil , Colombia, and the Latin American and world averages. Additionally, the main benefits of developing corporate GHG emissions inventories were discussed, as well as how these tools can encourage the operational sustainability of corporations. If you want to download the presentation, click here .

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