RGA Engineering y Projects

RGA Engineering International is born in the Dominican Republic

RGA Ingeniería y Proyectos, based on the excellent portfolio of the company during these 4 years of operation, created an organization called RGA Engineering International in the Dominican Republic, offering throughout the Caribbean and Central America the services of:

  • Energy efficiency and energy audits.
  • Corporate carbon footprint and renewable energy.
  • Water treatment.
  • Forced and natural ventilation.
  • Staff training.

In this way, the internationalization of the company’s services is guaranteed, bringing the characteristic quality of RGA to the regional scenario. Now with RGA Engineering International, more and better structured procedures are required that will allow the company to obtain an ISO 9001 certification in the medium term. To access the website Click Here

“Every achievement -be it big or small- has stages of slavery and triumph; a beginning, a fight, a victory” Mahatma Gandhi

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