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RGA Participated in the JIFI-EAI2012 Conference

Computer simulation is one of the most valuable tools today because it allows reducing prototype production times, minimizing raw material and labor costs, as opposed to the characteristic “trial and error” required in the past . Its great boom came hand in hand with the development of personal computers and their increasing processing capacity, which has allowed an infinite possibility of creation, whose only limitation is the designer’s imagination. Another of the main attributes of the simulation lies in the increase in the effectiveness of work groups and the ease of remote work.

With the development of free environments (open source), simulation programs have emerged under this scheme that allow calculations for the simulation of fluids and heat transfer, among which is the so-called OpenFOAM®. Engineers Saira Pineda and Raúl González Acuña from RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL, at their technological vanguard, are pioneers in Venezuela in the use of this program and began a project to validate the different turbulence models and edge conditions using OpenFOAM® with the intention of representing the random movement of particles of negligible weight confined in a space without physical barriers, only with the use of air jets.

You can see the presentation and publication in the following links:

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