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RGA participated in the XXII Industrial Ecological Summit

On August 8, our General Director Raúl González Acuña participated as a speaker at the XXII Industrial Ecological Summit of the Chamber of Industrialists of the Carabobo State on behalf of RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL with a presentation entitled “GHG Emissions Inventory as a Mechanism to guarantee Sustainability of the Industry” where the main considerations to be taken into account when developing a Carbon Footprint applying the ISO 14064 standard were exposed.

It was emphasized that this standard provides, like no other management standard, a global vision of the organization, with the flexibility to be implemented at different levels and scopes, so that user requirements can be covered very easily.

This presentation is an achievement for the innovative environmental development of RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL, always setting the standard in everything avant-garde in the country, and establishing important ties with the main unions of the central region for future dissemination and training events, such as the case of the Carabobo State Chamber of Industrialists and all its allies.

The presentation can be downloaded from RGA’s Slideshare account by clicking here .

Energy Efficiency Management in Cities

That same week, RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL gave the Talk on “Energy Efficiency in City Management” to students, and the general public, of the City Management Diploma of prof. Carmelo Ecarri at the facilities of the Association of Carabobo State Executives (AEEC), where the main aspects related to energy consumption in cities were discussed, and the priority challenges that a planner has to face in a city like Valencia , both in terms of electricity, as well as the management of fossil fuels, the cost of mobility and CO2 emissions.

A recount of the history of regulations and growth of electricity demand was made, as well as the issue of the consumption of petroleum derivatives and the amount of fuel saved was estimated with an academic exercise, and therefore the cost avoided, if techniques are used to increase the mobility of the city. The result was a very nutritious lecture day for all the participants, organizers and facilitators.

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