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RGA present at INTERCOM 2016

RGA was invited to participate in the INTERCOM 2016 event: Innovation, technology and business , organized by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce on July 22 with a presentation entitled “Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in the Framework of an Electrical Crisis”. In it, Raúl González Acuña emphasized the causes of the electrical crisis that the country went through, as well as some of the possible actions to follow to correct it.

Likewise, during INTERCOM 2016 he clarified certain popular myths regarding energy efficiency:

«One of the most common myths of energy efficiency is to think that changing the energy source is efficient. The efficiency of an installation must be seen from the point of view of consumption.” Raul Gonzalez Acuna

In his opinion, he presented a pre-feasibility map for the implementation of renewable energies in the country and 7 actions to promote the effective implementation of clean technologies in the country, currently relegated to remote and low-capacity facilities.

The presentation can be seen by clicking here.

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