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RGA reaches its Fourth Anniversary expanding Horizons

RGA reached its fourth anniversary in search of broadening its horizons. In a year of high economic contraction, the company consolidated its role as a consultant on issues of energy efficiency and mechanical systems by developing four important projects, among which we can mention:

  • Electrical Audit. Mariguitar Polar Foods.
  • Coordination of Electrical Protections. Central El Palmar.
  • Energy Audit. Central El Palmar.
  • Design of the Pollutant Extraction System for the R&D Laboratory. Venezuelan of Paintings.

Being these new clients RGA, in its fourth anniversary, managed to expand its portfolio including international companies such as GTurbine, without diminishing the quality of service to its usual ones.

The detailed list of projects can be seen by clicking here.

At the trade union level, RGA positioned itself in the Carabobo State Chamber of Small and Medium Industrial and Artisans (CAPEMIAC) reaching one of its partners, Raúl González Ramírez, the position of Director of this prestigious group.

“Going together is beginning. Staying together is progress. To work together is to succeed.” Henry Ford

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