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RGA reaches its Third Anniversary betting on the growth of the country

RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL reached its third anniversary, a year of progress, goals met and great advances, especially in its professional training business line RGA Capacitación . As proof of this, in the September-December quarter, the company participated as a facilitator in five courses aimed at increasing the knowledge of industrialists and individuals in the areas of:  renewable energy, eco-efficiency, carbon footprint, electrical audit and greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse.

These workshops were framed in events of international and national significance such as the II International Wind Energy Industrial Exhibition, the Citizenship and Climate Change Project, the IV Polar Food Environmental Management Seminar, etc. In addition to this, RGA participated as a speaker at the XXII Industrial Ecological Summit of the Chamber of Industrialists of the Carabobo State (CIEC) lecturing on the Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions as a way to guarantee the sustainability of the Industry at the national level, a presentation that It happens days after being invited to speak about Energy Planning in the Management of Cities in the Association of Executives of the Carabobo State (AEEC).

The detailed list of projects can be seen by clicking here.

At the union level, RGA affiliated with the Venezuelan Chamber of Consultants (CAVECON) with 30 years of foundation, and with the Chamber of Small and Medium Industrialists and Artisans of the Carabobo state (CAPEMIAC) with a trajectory of 40 years of service, signing with it the Energy Efficiency agreement for its affiliates. Finally, the alliance with the Tierra Viva Foundation was strengthened, in everything that has to do with the issue of environmental awareness in the fight against climate change.

In addition to these advances in environmental matters, this was a year of work with social commitment, mysticism, responsibility, seriousness and ethics.

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