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RGA’s first 16-hour Electrical Audit Workshop

RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL held the fourth edition of its successful Electrical Audit Workshop at the headquarters of the Carabobo Chapter of the Oil Chamber, which had to be extended at the request of the public to 4:00 p.m., including everything related to the management of measurement signals and the different activities necessary for the management of electrical monitoring equipment such as: clamp meters, charge recorders, etc.

In this energy audit workshop, which was attended by important companies in the food, plastic, metallurgical and metal-mechanic sectors, the different strategies that industrialists must face to effectively meet the recent state regulations on energy matters were discussed. In addition to this, the main activities related to energy efficiency and energy saving in the short, medium and long term were outlined.

The next date for this successful workshop, in its 5th edition, is April 15 and 16 at the headquarters of the Oil Chamber. DO NOT MISS IT.

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