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Solar Desalination as a Solution to Lake Valencia

On November 2, the General Director of RGA gave a conference entitled “Solar Desalination with the Venezuelan Seal”, where he presented how this type of technology can be used to provide a solution to Lake Valencia, as well as the purification of water in Coast zones.

The paper was presented within the framework of the XXV Industrial Ecological Summit, Valencia Lake and Pao River Basins, which is organized annually by the Chamber of Industrialists of the Carabobo state (CIEC), with the assistance of the main technical and industrial exponents of the region.

A widely reported problem with the water of Lake Valencia is its excess salinity, which leads to the reduced capacity of conventional mechanisms for purification. With solar desalination technology, lake water can be pretreated and brought to acceptable levels for transfer to the Pao Cachinche reservoir without large energy costs, or technology that requires high levels of technical expertise.

Solar desalination has been worked on by Raúl González Acuña since 2007 and has earned him a large number of academic awards, the most significant being the Honorable Mention for the International Postgraduate Student Award, awarded by the Solar Energy Division of the Society American Association of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 2011 – see more .

To view the presentation, click here .

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