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Decarbonization and renewable energies


We will guide you through the exciting path to financial sustainability with our expertise in green bond certification.
We reveal the environmental impact of your industrial facilities and propose solutions to reduce it.
We help you transform your company into a true sustainability pioneer by adopting the circular economy.
Knowing your carbon footprint is the first step to reducing CO2 emissions. Let us help you on this crucial path toward sustainability!
We analyze and improve your water consumption, a vital and increasingly scarce resource.
We help you understand and reduce the environmental impact of your products, from their conception to their disposal.
Together, we can discover the hidden opportunities to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
We design personalized projects to help you reduce your carbon emissions.
We inspire your team and the community with our educational program on the environment.

Renewable energy

Take advantage of the sun’s energy with our innovative photovoltaic systems for isolated and network charges.
Our ecological and self-sufficient lighting enhances your exteriors.
Use solar energy for your pumping needs, an effective and sustainable solution.
We provide sanitary hot water and assistance for industrial processes using solar energy.
Take advantage of the force of the wind to generate your energy with our wind energy systems.
Combine different power sources for a resilient and reliable power solution.
We assist you in assessing the feasibility and benefits of investing in renewable energy.

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Each service was designed with the exciting opportunity to build a more sustainable world. Are you ready to join us on this journey? Contact us now and discover how our solutions can boost the growth of your business while protecting our planet.

Water treatment

White Water Systems

Free your water from impurities and unnecessary minerals with our engineering and treatment systems for superior performance in your processes.
Make hard water your friend. Our team will guide you in the most appropriate treatment systems to soften your water.
Harvest the power of rain. We advise you on stormwater management, allowing you to make the most of every drop of water.
Maximize your efficiency with high-quality water pipe networks. Whether for industrial processes or human consumption, we help you implement piping systems that fit your needs.
Keep your water moving with our pumping solutions. We provide you with the guidance to implement efficient and reliable pumping stations.
Let our advanced filtration solutions handle the most challenging impurities. We guide you in implementing filters that can handle solid particles to chemical contaminants.
Bring the power of the sea to your industry. We support you in implementing desalination systems, transforming salt water into a valuable resource for your operations.
Dive into underground opportunities. We help you construct water wells for an additional and safe supply source.
Optimize your filling process and stay within the drinking water disposal regulations with our filling solutions.
Discover the peace of mind of having safe and efficient fluid storage. We offer guidance for implementing adequate tanks for any type of liquid, ensuring its conservation and quality.
Plan confidently with our technical-economic feasibility studies. We help you evaluate the feasibility of your white and residual water treatment systems to ensure a wise investment.

Wastewater Systems

We help you properly manage your effluents, caring for the environment and complying with regulations.
Make informed decisions and guarantee the safety of your water with our monitoring and quality control services. We help you keep your water systems up to exacting standards through accurate testing and analysis.
Count on us to design and improve your wastewater treatment plants, facing the challenges of industrial and biological effluents.
Navigate with confidence through environmental legislation. We advise you so that your water management complies with current regulations.
Revalue your water with our designs to promote more efficient and sustainable resource use.
Take sustainability one step further with wastewater resource recovery. We can help you recover and reuse valuable resources from your effluents through advanced technologies.
Face the challenges of the most difficult effluents with our experience in their treatment and processing.

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Ready to take your water systems to the next level? Contact us today and find out how we can transform the management of your water resources together!

Energy efficiency and electricity

Energy efficiency

Improve your energy performance with complete audits and our expert advice for developing ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems. Take the first step towards sustainability and savings!
Optimize your production lines and general services with our exhaustive evaluation of Energy Quality. Ensure the best efficiency in your pumping systems, compressed air, ventilation, and more.
Our real-time energy monitoring systems don’t miss any detail. Maintain absolute control and enhance the efficiency of your operations.
Let our experts conduct a detailed analysis of your electrical distribution systems in industrial plants. We guarantee the identification of opportunities for improvement and efficiency.
Optimize your generation, steam distribution, and condensate return systems with our detailed inspections. Increase your productivity by reducing your operating costs.
Prepare for the future with our consumption savings and energy transition plans. Move towards a more sustainable and efficient operation.
Boost your production by developing cogeneration, trigeneration, and combined cycle systems. Make the most of every resource.
Ensure the success of your investments in energy efficiency with our feasibility studies. Making informed decisions has never been easier.
Educate your staff on energy saving, management systems, measurement, and monitoring. Drive change from within.

Electrical solutions

Take control of your electrical infrastructure with our design and construction services for industrial electrical connections. We provide personalized solutions adapted to the needs of your operation.
Protect your personnel and facilities with our specialized services in electrical installations for classified dangerous areas. Our expert team ensures safe and efficient installation in any environment.
Ensure your business continuity with our electrical protection coordination service. We help you avoid interruptions and maximize the availability of your electrical systems.
Protect your electronic equipment and minimize the risk of electrocution with our grounding systems. We offer comprehensive solutions to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your electrical infrastructure.
Avoid damage to your facilities and equipment with our protection solutions against atmospheric discharges. We help you prepare for any eventuality, guaranteeing the safety and continuity of your operation.
Ensure efficient and safe electrical distribution in your plant with our specialized high, medium, and low voltage services. Our goal is to help you maximize the efficiency of your operations.
Optimize the performance of your systems with our Motor Control Centers (CCM). We help you monitor and control your motors to ensure maximum efficiency and minimize downtime.
Improve the work environment and reduce your energy costs with our interior and exterior lighting solutions. From choosing lighting fixtures to installing them, we help you create safer, more productive workspaces.

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Ventilation Systems and Indoor Ambient Air Quality

Whether chilled water or direct expansion, we offer air conditioning solutions adapted to your needs. Maximize your comfort and efficiency with our air conditioning solutions.
We provide cold rooms ideal for safely and efficiently storing temperature-sensitive products.
With our forced ventilation, maintain an ideal temperature in your facilities, ensuring maximum thermal comfort for your workers and productivity.
We design clean rooms for the pharmaceutical and food industry, complying with the highest quality and safety standards.
Improve the efficiency and quality of the air in your clean rooms with our air conditioning distribution systems.
Save energy and money with our evaporative cooling solutions, an eco-friendly option for hot climates.
Improve air quality and reduce energy costs with our natural extraction wind systems.
Protect your employees and operations from harmful dust, particles, and gases with our contaminant extraction solutions.
Keep your work environment clean and safe with our high-efficiency dust scrubbers.

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We help you create a safer, healthier, and more efficient work environment! Contact us today to find out how our solutions can improve your business!

Industrial monitoring

From low-voltage charge recording to panel and motor thermography, we provide comprehensive solutions to improve the efficiency of your electrical systems.
With our ultrasound techniques, we can provide crucial information about the performance of your water pumps, the fuel consumption of stationary equipment, and the flow of any fluid, regardless of its viscosity.
We evaluate and optimize your air conditioning systems, develop thermal maps to identify the thermal load, and use thermographic studies to detect leaks and air infiltrations. We also determine the optimal operating point of your centrifugal and axial extractors.
We identify the peak loads on your motors to help you improve efficiency and extend the useful life of your equipment.
With our global and local illuminance maps, we help you create a brighter and more energy-efficient work environment.
Our megger tests ensure the safety and efficiency of your cables, motors, and generators.

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