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Talk on Energy Savings arrives at the Industriales of Aragua

RGA INGENIERÍA entered the city of Maracay through the front door before the industrialists of Edo. Aragua, thanks to the support of the Chamber of Industrialists of the State of Aragua (CIEA), in an event dedicated to explaining the application of regulations on energy saving, which CORPOELEC is implementing based on what is established in the Official Gazette 40166.

From an event initially planned for a maximum of 20 people, the call had to be expanded to be able to attend to the 55 participants who attended this event. Raúl González Acuña, General Director of RGA INGENIERÍA, expert on the subject and speaker of the talk, stated that “ The event went from being an intimate talk to a massive dissemination event, in a matter of two weeks, which is why we are very satisfied.” “both because of the interest that the topic arouses in the industrial sector, and because of the visibility it gives to RGA as a specialist in the matter.”

The talk served to clarify operational doubts for companies in all areas: manufacturing, food, distributors, paper mills, engineering, on topics such as the type of strategies to apply to reduce energy consumption, how to enter into regulation efficiently without This implies an increase in the operating cost.

“The question they always ask is, how many plants should I put into operation to enter the regulation?, and the answer is simple, the amount and the time necessary to reduce consumption by 10% compared to 2009… again, The issue is not how do I avoid being fined, but rather assuming regulation from the perspective of energy efficiency, with the intention of investing knowing the feasibility of the solution, in such a way that the reduction in consumption is sustained. This will reduce operating costs in the medium term, as long as decisions are made with technical criteria . ” Raúl González Acuña.

The event was covered at the press level by El Aragüeño, El Siglo, El Carabobeño, as well as the regional television station TVS. To view the press releases, they are at the bottom of the page.

Now RGA INGENIERÍA takes Caracas by storm on September 30 at the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VENAMCHAM) before the Chemistry and Engineering Committee where the new evolution of energy saving resolutions will be discussed. 

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