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The Carbon Footprint reaches VENAMCHAM

RGA ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL was invited by the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VENAMCHAM), to be a speaker before the Joint Committee on Chemistry and Engineering with Safety, Hygiene and Environment (SHA), providing information to the members of the Chamber about the Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions or Corporate Carbon Footprint , and other topics of interest.

On December 8, 2014, RGA gave the talk “GHG Emissions Inventory as a Mechanism for the Sustainability of the Industry” to very high-level executives of the various organizations that make up these Committees, showing the main realities that promote in the world to address this issue, and what happens in Venezuela on the matter. Additionally, it was specifically identified that the development of these studies allows:

  • Determine concrete cost savings potentials by analyzing the ENTIRE operation of the company.
  • Finance projects to reduce emissions mitigation through Green Bonds.
  • Comply with the precepts of CSR.
  • Implement more precise control mechanisms for the operation of the company.

The presentation can be downloaded by clicking here .

With this event, RGA is positioned in the nation’s capital as the company that sets the standard in the issue of monitoring Greenhouse Gas emissions, locally applying cutting-edge tools in the world.

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