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The Carbon Footprint Strengthens in Caracas

RGA was present at the MIRANDA STATE CHAMBER OF INDUSTRIALS (CIEMI), giving the workshop “Business opportunities in the development of Carbon Footprint calculations” in the city of Caracas on March 16. The event was attended by important companies from the food, chemical, consulting, metallurgical, banking, environmental and important foundations, all interested in knowing how the calculation of the Carbon Footprint can influence the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, the energy efficiency of their facilities, operational control, positively impacting the economy of companies.

In this workshop, the main changes in future environmental regulations that comprise the Water and Air Quality Law were appreciated and how the development of studies on the mitigation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is encouraged, both at the level of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of Products, as well as industrial processes.

To see the presentation click here.

It is possible to reduce emissions and be efficient in an adverse economic context, since it is in this where the main business opportunities occur.

“Being sustainable, in addition to being ethical and responsible, is a way to manage, protect yourself and avoid risks, it is also an opportunity for innovation and to achieve competitive advantages; being sustainable is the most advanced strategy to create value” Sonia de Paola.

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