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The Potabilis initiative present at the Industrial Ecological Summit

On November 14, the Potabilis Initiative was presented at the XXVII edition of the Industrial Ecological Summit organized by the Chamber of Industrialists of the Carabobo state (CIEC). Already a regular speaker at the largest environmental event in the country’s industrial environment, Engineer Raúl González Acuña – CEO of RGA and President of the Potabilis Foundation – spoke of the implications and benefits of the Potabilis initiative to bring drinking water to vulnerable communities in sustainable way.

Potabilis Foundation

The Potabilis initiative seeks to install solar water treatment plants through air humidification, or HDH, to meet the needs of the most remote and vulnerable communities that do not have technical or financial resources to sustainably assume the operation of conventional water treatment plants. In turn, our approach to generating sustainable livelihoods (MVS) leads to the consolidation of a freemium operation scheme that allows the socio-productive use of water in related activities such as the artisanal manufacture of beverages, cosmetic products, agricultural inputs, etc. industrial etc


With an excellent receptivity on the part of the attendees of the Ecological Summit, once again the Potabilis initiative is shown as a real option to solve the problems of the remote communities of the country and Latin America. We continue to make progress to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #6.

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