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Top 100 Companies 2019 places RGA in a privileged position

The Top 100 Companies 2019 study by Business Venezuela magazine is the usual business ranking developed as a special project by the Venezuelan-American Chamber (Venamcham). The twenty-first edition of the Top 100 Companies 2019, was published on November xx, placing RGA in the global position number 144 out of 255 participating companies, rising 32 positions compared to 2018.

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In the sectoral and special classifications, RGA was ranked in the Top 10 in the Profitability category, occupying position 6, climbing 9 positions with respect to 2018. In turn, it is incorporated for the first time in the lists of the most productive, ranking in the 18th position, and Yield positioning itself in the 15th position. As usual, RGA maintained a prominent position in the engineering field, being ranked as the 8th company in the Engineering and Construction field in Venezuela.

All year we are waiting for the Top 100 Companies 2019 study. It is a boost to our management as a management team, and to the RGA team in general, to be able to show how we are climbing positions year after year in an environment as competitive as Top is. 100 Companies. It is simply a pride and honor to be able to grow on that list, in a context of extreme economic crisis.

Raúl González Acuña – CEO RGA Engineering International

It should be noted that RGA reaches this position in just 8 years of foundation, with a portfolio of projects on the rise, acquiring more and more operational, logistics and business experience. With an outstanding quality of execution, the company is focusing on the development and innovation of products with its own technology, with which the needs of remote communities can be met, in terms of water and sanitation (WASH), media generation processes of sustainable visas, and institutionalization of its corporate social responsibility through the Potabilis Foundation.

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